Excellent Spitbraais

Spit braai catering for a long time has been around and yet its only recently people have started being open to this kind of eatery, and the sad thing is that by us being so closed off sometimes, it keeps us from experiencing new things. One of the best way of preparation of food for […]

Masterful Spit braai Catering

There’s nothing more fun than spending time with friends family and all those people you care about, holidays, family gatherings, reunions, wedding, anniversaries, and birthdays are just a few of the fun filled occasions that bring everyone together. Engaging in conversations with good company, sharing jokes and news, and best of all Laughter –as you […]

Spitbraai – The Excellent Way

As the world is ever evolving, so are the methods and machinery used to prepare ones food. Food itself has also evolved along with cooking methods the harvesting methods the growing methods and the different treatment methods to protect consumer’s health and keep pests at bay. For centuries dinners have been able to bring together […]